A COMMUNITY of ambitious WOMEN daring to live bolder is READY to embrace YOU

 Join us as we devote the next 100 Days to Believing Bigger and Experiencing What Heaven Already Has Waiting.




There is an awakening happening. However, the key to stepping into what Heaven has isn't found in more strategy. It takes synergy. 

I love journaling. I love the Word of God. And, I absolutely love whispers and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. As we enter a new year + season, I have a sense something spectacular is about to unfold. The incredible is always on the other side of seeking God's heart, not just His hand.

If you've been craving like-minded, next-level community, you're not alone. And you're not here by accident. This isn't a book club. This is more than a bible study.

So glad you're here. If you've been sensing that it's time for a shift, but you're lacking courage + clarity, you're not alone. Heaven is indeed calling you higher, but first it's time to dig deeper.  

This is spiritual leadership + destiny equipping. Elegant, eternity-focused elite sister-sharpening at it's finest.


WHAT IS the Destiny Collective?

This is a GLOBAL 100-DAY online community - a SOCIAL experiment for ambitious WOMEN believers called to lead + have eternity IMPACT. 



What would happen if we took the 10 pillars explored in my devotional-journal 100 Days of Believing Bigger and didn't just seek God individually, but we committed to spiritually recalibrate for 100 Days collectively. 

We'd love to have you in The Destiny Collective.
Come meet your new crew. 

Wanna find out? Me too. 


I wondered...

What they're saying...

Bayyinah Marbury

"I have grown being surrounded by like-minded women who want to believe bigger for themselves, their families, their communities, their business, and believing bigger in growing in their gifts adn talents that God has given them.

I learned that you don't have to discover your purpose because it is in your. Your identity isn't something you find; you follow it. But first, you must embrace it.

The Destiny Collective has allowed me to see that greatness has always been in me. I just need to see it within myself the way God sees me."

Jesi Jury

"A great refreshing for me to remind me that God is the most important thing and my time with Him cannot be compromised for anything"

Vernita Glenn-White

"I was one who hopped in late to 100 Days, and I am so glad I did. I was spot on and it was exactly what I needed for where I was and the season I was in of not just preparation and expansion, but a season of where God has been confirming my own foundation.

An incredible experience. I'm actually thinking of repeating it throughout the year. It's that powerful."

Welcome Sarah

"If you're looking to elevate and deepen your relationship and walk with God, 100 Days of Believing Bigger is it.

I challenge you to not overthink it. Don't let the little me inside of you talk you out of it. As a successful business woman, I know that there are opportunities for more. And this is it."

Mary J. Morton

"So grateful for the women in this community who are challenge just like me every day to believe bigger

My prayers are bolder. I'm going to live life even better, with more clarity and I know it's all because of the Destiny Collective"

Ronalda Sullivan

Amy Ramsey

Maleeka “Mēlee” Thomas

"If you're an ambitious woman of faith, this is the right spot for you.

Grow your relationship with Christ, connect with like-minded women who love Jesus and love each other"

"The culture is like nothing you've ever seen before"

Karen J. Quarles

"I have loved listening to the ladies do the live readings and seeing the devotional through their eyes and digging even deeper into the word of God."

"100 Days was a deep, personal time with God and letting him truly lead me and guide me."

"Life-changing. I absolutely love this community"

"I love how simple it is. There's no pressure within the community. No shame. I love the Collective and the experience."

"Accepting the invitation to believe bigger helped me to dig deeper into my purpose, my destiny, and to identify what those blessing blockers were and to own and embrace my significance in light of eternity"

"Without question, this work was inspired by the Holy Spirit Himself. The devotional provoked higher-thinking, deeper-digging, soul-stirring & heart-wrecking moments for me. Some days, I didn’t even write out the answer in the journal prompt because my response would reveal the truth, especially in contrast to the lies I once believed about myself. Being surrounded by a loving, inspiring & deeply-rooted community of Jesus-girls kept me going, though. I now know, BELIEVE IN & live from my place of true value, worth, “multi-factedness” & wholeness! So grateful!”

"The Destiny Collective ROCKED my world!!

"Having this community that Marshawn so graciously created has been the safe space of sisterhood my soul was in need of. When your vulnerability, your pain, humanity, curiosity, genius and the abandoned parts of your story are met with beautiful souls longing to share the same, it feels like home. Every woman, whether she knows it or not, needs a home like this."

"The Destiny Collective has been the divine virtual bunker I needed as a place of refuge in a world filled with nuclear distractions." 

" I was so hungry and thirsty for more and felt like God was pulling me and calling me to Him. I didn't want to be afraid to believe anymore... 

I love the Destiny Collective and the sisters who are a part of this amazing experience. It is a judgment free zone and a safe place to rest your heart and fears and concerns and everyone is so eager to help and send you a virtual hug."

"I was looking for a deeper connection with the Holy Spirit."










Diving into The 10 Pillars of Believing Bigger










Belief + Faith

Obedience & Blessing


Blessing Blockers




100 DAYS





Hearing from The Holy Spirit &

Hearing from The Holy Spirit &


Belief Mastery


Achievement Psychology


Identity Discovery


Spiritual Development

Mission Mastery



100 DAYS


Exploring The 6 Pillars of Destiny Together



100 DAYS



This Supernatural Sisterhood stands as the model for how we gather and grow together are women. Just as Mary & Elizabeth’s wombs were interconnected with Jesus and John the Baptist, we believe that YOUR destiny is interconnected to ours, as well.

We create this space for you to have a chance to grow with like minded, ambitious women who are hungry for the Holy Spirit. We also created this space because there is something unique that you carry that WE needed.

Our crew is like none other.
Our motto is “We Love It Here” because we truly do.

It’s time that your ambition was planted in an environment capable of allowing you to grow into the next dimension of your calling.

If you’re looking for a crew that gets you, inspires you, anchors you and reminds you of the REAL, supernatural you, we’re looking for and ready for you too!

I firmly believe that a woman cannot fulfill her destiny without being in alignment and in the presence of other women. The relationship between Mary & Elizabeth show is this truth in Luke Chapter 1.



100 DAYS



No guru has what God alone holds.

And, there is no need to eat the crumbs off the table of someone else’s vision and revelation when God has prepared a buffet of blessings just for you.

Too many churches are afraid to talk about the Holy Spirit.
We’re not.

The Holy Spirit is the beginning of wisdom, direction, provision and identity.

Everything we desire is found in God’s whisper.

The goal isn’t to find your passion.
The goal is to align with the Holy Spirit’s position.

So much of what we consume everyday is based off of what others say, show and do. At the Destiny Collective, we believe that you cannot find where God is taking you on social media



Our collective is more than a bible study.
It’s more than a gathering of driven, ambitious women.
It’s a classroom.

One were we are all students ready to learn from Heaven’s syllabus.

One where we set a collective intention to understand and operate in our anointing and activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit in every single area of life.

Family. Finances. Relationships.  
Wellness. Dreams. Fertility.  
Entrepreneurship. Career. Destiny.

In short, the Holy Spirit is our blueprint.



Michelle Myers

she works His way

Consuela "Sway" Buckley


Gessie Thompson


Rachel Luna

Confidence Activated

Brooke Thomas

Live Out Loud



As iron sharpens iron, so one (wo)man sharpens another. You'll have access to a private online forum for daily interactions, pop-up teaching, and a chance to hear the hearts + journeys of others as you share your as well.  

Believe Bigger  Playlist

You'll get gradual access to the Believe Bigger playlist Marshawn has curated over the three years with new songs being added weekly. It's a living breathing collection and the community will contribute, too!

Godfidence  Gatherings

If Jesus needed a crew, then so do you. Our Godfidence Gatherings are roundtable discussion sessions where we come together to discuss + wrestle with the devotional topics as a collective. These are going to be epic!



The Destiny Lab

You'll receive instant access to our password protected online education center affectionately known as The Destiny Lab. You'll find bonus learning material, videos, downloads, replays of live sessions, the reading plan and schedule of events at a glance.


Each month we'll have a live Destiny Equipping™ Masterclass on some incredible topics - each designed to help you develop your spiritual capacity, identity, thinking and leadership.


The power of community is that it breeds accountability. You'll be able to find prayer partners and support + enthusiasm to stick with and complete your 100 Day journey. Plus, we'll have surprise Guest Believers to lead live devotionals + deliver bonus teaching. 

START EACH DAY daring to BELIEVE GOD for the impossible

Karen Dias

Geneva Gausman

Shari Aspinall

Shawna Cook

Sue Kostyk

Teresa Jones

Welcome Sarah

Donna Hicks-Mitchell

Nmelichukwu Anene

Arisha Smith

Brandy Small

Christina Jolly

Delilah Bardlette

Felecia Bishop Holmes

Georgia Wolfe-Samuels

Darlene Nunez

Candyce Chapman

Melvina Davis

Juaquana Lewis

Bayyinah Marbury

Shaunette Adams

Jesi Jury

Latasha Mallory-Randle

Shawna Cook

Dr. Vernita Glenn

Kesha Palmer

JaLesia Umachi

What they're saying...

If you're not familiar with my journey in building a multi-million company, my speciality over the last decade has been is in building high-end businesses and offering life and business training at a premium.I believe self-investment is the wisest investment a Proverbs 31 woman can make. And, I believe we should actively + joyously invest in our spiritual growth. 

We put quite a bit of time into thinking about the pricing.

That said, my vision for The Collective is to enable women at all levels from around the world to come together for a lifetime. 


OUR MISSION IS helping YOU to fulfill YOURS

You will receive so much more


Godfidence Mindset Mentorship by Marshawn Evans Daniels

Believe Bigger® Playlist

Believe Bigger® Masterclasses on Destiny, Purpose, Identity, Belief, Spiritual Development, Journaling, and Achievement Psychology

Godfidence Gatherings with Special "Guest Believers" - Our Curated Circle of Speakers, Experts, Fresh Voices + Thought Leaders

Access to the 100 Days of Believing Bigger Live Video Devotional Replays

Open Group Q+A Sessions

Opportunity to Participate in Monthly Hot Seat "Mind Makeovers"

Monthly Devotionals + Weekly Scripture Anchors

Daily Encouragement + Accountability

24/7 Access to Community Discussion + Faith Forum

Opportunity to Share and Lead within the Community

Access to the Most Incredible Tribe + Community of Women Believers in the World. Seriously!  

Special Offers and Discounts

Private Access to Members Only Merchandise 

Bonus Trainings

Live Event + Retreat Eligibility

Access to the Destiny Lab Online Education Center

To see faith grow deeper and the Holy Spirit move, not only in their lives, but mine, has been transformative. I'm not only the Program Manager - I feel like a member of the community: supported, uplifted, and cheered on by a tribe of women always in my corner. Your new tribe is waiting for you inside the Destiny Collective! 

As the Program Manager, I have been blessed not only by Marshawn, but by the incredible community of women inside The Destiny Collective.

Christina Sloan

It has been very transforming for me... I just love to see and hear all the encouraging words from women believing bigger. Being around that holds you accountable to dream big and do those big things... Over the 100 days of believing bigger I have achieved (watch the end of the video)

I opened my salon during 100 Days of Believing Bigger

Shanny Gray

More Praise from the Community

Twanna Toliver

Amy Ramsey

"This has transformed my heart and stopped my Negative Self Talk"

"Our culture is like nothing you've ever seen!"

Mary J Morton

Ebony Winston-Rodgers

"You won't find a life-transforming crew like this anywhere else!"

"I've learned how to operate on a higher frequency with the Holy Spirit!"

Miracles in Motion

Monna White

Found + Met Biological Father for the First Time

Michelle Walters Johnson

Gained Courage to Help Other Women with Alopecia

FREE Vision Board Masterclass

with purchase of the annual membership plan

In this high-end 10-part video training, you'll learn directly from Millionaire Faith + Business Mentor Marshawn Evans Daniels. She walk you through her proprietary Believe Bigger® Method along with her Supernatural Vision Boarding™ Framework. This is more than a workshop. This is a supernatural life class designed to help you elevate your identity, clarity, beliefs, vision, income, calling, legacy, and eternity impact.  

A Signature 10-Step Process for Architecting Faith-Infused Vision Boards from the Inside Out ​​

The Believe Bigger® Vision Workshop is designed to show you how to visually engage the voice of the Holy Spirit and the vision God has for your life.

The Believe Bigger® VISION BOARD Video Workshop 



This masterclass valued at $997 is FREE when you enroll with the annual plan.


$100 one-time initiation fee and then $37 per month recurring membership thereafter



monthly (plus $100 initiation fee)

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$497 annual membership fee in The Destiny Collective



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Waiver of the $100 enrollment fee

Covers 12 months membership up front

Set it and forget it

Save a bit a moolah

Get the Believe Bigger Vision Board Workshop for FREE (at $997 value)

Best value

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Hi! I’m Marshawn Evans Daniels

A media maven and master in the art of manifestation, this former Georgetown Law Center Trained Sports Attorney, Miss America Finalist and competitor on ABC's The Apprentice, turned her passion for people into a million-dollar enterprise helping women to Believe Bigger, Live Bigger and Profit Bigger. 

As the Chairwoman of the Godfidence Business School and Founder of SHE Profits®, her firm's courses, events, and results-based coaching programs equip emerging and established influencers and entrepreneurs to monetize and market their message to the masses. Featured regularly on CNN, Fox Business, and ESPN, her client roster includes HP, Home Depot, EY, Delta, Tiffany & Co., Nike, Rolls Royce and NFL & NBA Athletes.

Marshawn released her best-selling book, SKIRTS in the Boardroom, published by Wiley, the largest business book publisher in the world. It was the first time Wiley published a business book with an African-American female under the age of thirty! Her new book Believe Bigger® teaches 5 Keys to SHIFTING into Your Life Purpose.

Reinvention Strategist | Millionaire Faith + Business Mentor
Original Creator of Godfidence | Best Selling Author | Crypto Investor 
BIBLE TEACHER | Wifey | Mama of Triplets | Futurist

There is a cost to run the program. We don't offer scholarships at this time. Seminary, college, private school education - even public education - all incur a cost for administration. Plus, there is tremendous, immeasurable value in learning, having access to a dynamic community, and being mentored by the best of the best. And, we believe in the principle of self-investment especially for leadership development and spiritual capacity building ... probably some of the most important aspects of your life.  

We highly recommend and request that you purchase the 100 Days of Believing Bigger devotional. The entire program is built around these materials. Think of these, along with your bible, as your textbooks! For this next phase, you'll want have a copy of Believe Bigger - the book. You can purchase them at BelieveBigger.com and select your favorite retailer. These materials are not included in your program tuition.

We have a no refund policy. The content is 100% digital so there are no refunds, credits or transfers on any payment (partial or full) once you register. We believe commitment and follow-though creates momentum. We've found that people who don't have the option to back out of their commitments get the best results. This is a community-centered accountability program and learning opportunity. Our digital delivery enables us to help you move forward quickly (like right away!) without waiting on snail mail. Thank you for understanding and honoring our policy.

All of the live sessions will be recorded. You can come to as many live sessions as you like. You also have 24 hour access to our Destiny Lab where the replays are hosted, and 24-hour access to the private members forum, too!

Any woman who wants to be discipled in her ambition! If you're looking for a community, the opportunity to grow spiritually and in your identity, and for clarity when it comes to life direction, The Destiny Collective is a great home. It doesn't matter your age. Mary and Elizabeth show that destiny connects us together as women. Our common denominator is our stage - believing bigger, not our titles. Not our stuff. Not our cultures. And, not our age. Our faith.

That's really up to Heaven. The cool thing about daring to Believe Bigger is that it ushers us into the land of the unpredictable and the incredible. Our hope and intention is that you'll start each day closer to God, more in tune with the Holy Spirit, more confident and resilient, with a stronger sense of identity, direction, optimism and focus. That our hope and intention. Whatever you're believing bigger for, we want that for you, too. And we believe that all of Heaven does, too. 

Our customer care team is happy to assist. You can email us at anytime at community [at] marshawn [dot] com. 

We have a 100 Days Cancellation Policy. We do not have a “cancel at any time policy” for a reason. Our community is not for the lazy or the nosey. We believe that commitment creates catalysts ready to change the world. We ask that you commit to The Destiny Collective for at least 100 days before you quit on yourself, your growth and your tribe.